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This simple, five-minute registration is the first step all nonprofit organizations must take before being considered for our online bracket-style fundraising tournament…aka Fundraising Madness!

It's Competitive Giving. Everybody Wins.

Brackets For Good is a 501(c)3 on a mission to help raise the profile of local nonprofit organizations of all sizes. To do that we host a fun, bracket-style fundraising competition online, so people can discover, connect, and support charities in their own back yard that they may have never even heard of before.

Through our online fundraising tournament, our tools and resources are designed to help increase the marketing communication capacity of charitable organizations. With competitive fundraising we provide a platform to connect nonprofits with supporters in a very unique way. Our creative charitable giving platform is proving itself to be the #1 mission-awareness campaign available today for nonprofit organizations.

During the Brackets For Good tournament, nonprofits are grouped into divisions with other like-sized organizations. All charities keep all the money earned regardless of how far they advance in the bracket. The tournament champion with the most philanthropic support in each city will also receive a grand prize donation from the title sponsor.

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Brackets For Good is Turning Local Philanthropy Into A Team Sport.

“We found the overall experience to be highly beneficial when it came to not only new donors, but community exposure and outreach. We were thrilled to be in the company of so many other local non profits.”

Kelsey R,
Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana (Indiana Region)

“It was fun, increased our awareness. It got staff engaged as well as board members. It was intense even though we didn't win - raised at good deal of money - we were ahead with 5-seconds on the clock - pretty cool.”

Andrew V.
About Special Kids, Indianapolis

“The Brackets for Good tournament is a great opportunity to engage our donors in a non-traditional way. A lot of our families, staff and volunteers really got into the competitiveness of the tournament and helped push us on to each round.”

Emily E.
Boy Scouts of America, Crossroads of America Council, Indianapolis

“We raised a lot of donations and the competition between organizations was fun. We also were able to get our name out there to people who have not heard of us before.”

Chase S.
Hearts & Hands of Indiana, Indianapolis

“We were able to raise our profile in the Indianapolis community, recruiting new donors and raising more money during 7 days than we did during our 2014 End of Year campaign. Not to mention, it was fun, competitive, and we learned a lot about online fundraising. I hope we can participate again!”

Danni T,
Indiana Recycling Coalition, Indianapolis

“BFG is a fabulous idea! It generates so much fun and excitement around fundraising & nonprofits. We learned a lot and feel that we could do even bigger things next year - I truly hope we are able to participate again!”

Kelly G,
Boys & Girls Club of Kentuckiana, Louisville

“Brackets for Good is a really brilliant fundraising tool. It successfully fostered a sense of team for our nonprofit; it made our supporters excited about donating. Many of our donors were motivated not only by the rewards at the end of each round, but also by the friendly competition. Awesome work!”

Catherine S,
Coalition for the Homeless, Louisville

“It was a fun experience all around! And it was a new and great way to ask for donations. So many of our supporters really got into the competition. It was also a great way to work with other agencies in town. When it comes down to it, we are all working towards the same thing - bettering our community. So it was nice to feel that togetherness, even though we were competing at times. “

Leslie M,
Bidgehaven Mental Health Services, Louisville

“It's competitive which makes it fun. It is a creative way to generate revenue. I believe it engages/attracts the male demographic which is enlightening considering most often it is the female demographic that tend to be primary donors in the nonprofit world.”

Tara O.
Cedar Lake, Louisville

“We were able to reach so many new donors through the tournament. And that is worth just as much as the money we raised.”

Laci D,
The Healing Place, Louisville

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